Q: When is the challenge?
We officially begin on Monday, June 20 – Sunday, July 31

Q: What is the registration fee?
Hagerstown, MD – $129

Q: Who is this challenge for?
This program is for busy folks who are tired of the way they look and feel and tired of not getting results with their current routine.  If you are nervous about starting and needing the guidance of a coach and a program that will meet you where you are at then this program is for you.

Q: Who Can Sign Up?
Newcomers​ – If you’re new to fitness or have been on the sidelines for awhile, no sweat! The HIIT workouts will come with modifications in the event you’re unable to complete the full routine or need something a little less intense.

Advanced – Been training on the regular and looking for something to take your results to the next level? The HIIT workouts can easily be combined with your regular weight training regimen, and will come with modifications for those who are really up for an added challenge.

Current Clients​- If you’re already rolling with me as a client, you are 100% welcome to join for the challenge!

Q: What if I haven’t exercised in years and I’m out of shape?
You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape! This program is for all levels of fitness as long as you aren’t afraid of a little hard work.  The coaches will help you pace yourself in every session, and we will modify for all ability levels.

Q: What type of results should I

Common results during a challenge include:
• Losing 6-20 lbs
• Dropping 1-2 pant sizes
• Tighter stomach, thighs, and arms
• Getting stronger and moving better
• Increased energy all day long
• Better sleep
• Decreased pain
• Improved strength and endurance
• Clothes fitting better
• Increased confidence
• Feeling proud because you’ve finally done
something for your fitness

Q: I don’t have a lot of weight to lose,
can I still join the challenge?

Yes!  You certainly can!  You don’t have to have a lot of weight to lose to participate in this challenge.  We all need a jump start and can use the support of a challenge to break through a plateau or just have the extra guidance, accountability, and camaraderie at True Athlete Performance to get to your goals. Plus, anyone and everyone has a chance to win this challenge! The winner will be will be based solely on level of effort and commitment, as judged by the total points accumulated throughout the program.

Q: What does this program include?

  • Unlimited In-Person Training with TrueAP
  • Online Training through the TrueAP App
  • Meal Plan and Nutritional Guideline Cheat Sheets
  • Weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List
  • Facebook Group, Weekly Challenges & Leaderboard
  • Cash Prize, Various Prize Packages (Prize announcement date – August 7th, 2022)
  • Unlimited Support
  • Guaranteed Results

Q: What are the training sessions like?
Our sessions are specifically designed to increase your mobility and flexibility, increase your movement range, build strength and increase your metabolism so you continue to burn fat all day long. We design all new workouts every session so you will never get bored with your training!

Q: When and where is this program available?


Outdoor Group Training:

Hagerstown Sports Club and Fitness (20231 The Gardens)

  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-6:30am
  • Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

South Hagerstown High School Track (1101 S Potomac St)

    • Saturday 6:30am-7:30am

Q: What if I don’t get results?
With our challenges we GUARANTEE your results. If  you show up to your sessions, follow the nutrition and you’re not happy with your results, we’ll give you EVERY PENNY BACK. Simple as that.

Q: How often will I train?
With this program, you have unlimited access to our in-person and on-line training sessions for 6 consecutive weeks. Most of our clients train 3 to 5 times per week.

Q: What happens after the program?
Obviously, everyone should be working out beyond 6 weeks! To only do 6 weeks and then quit, is kinda crazy. If you find the program to be a good fit for your goals and would like to continue training with us after the 6-week challenge, we will have membership options available for you. Our most successful clients train with us year-round.