First fitness challenge with me? I always keep the process simple and easy to follow.

Simply complete your registration from your mobile or desktop to secure your spot in the challenge and put yourself in the running for cash prizes! If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry, we’ll assign you one.

(Official rules and regs for prizes below).

You will be sent a welcome package a few days before the challenge that will include essential resources to help you prepare for success in the challenge.

Starting February 1st, you’ll start your 6-week training program with True Athlete Performance and begin tracking your daily performance. We’ll provide all the support you need, including a tracking sheet, digital resources, a Facebook group, and more!

The workouts will be intense, boot camp-style training. The nutrition resources will be disciplined but also allow for flexibility. We will motivate each other throughout the challenge in a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. I will be with you every step of the way!

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Training Objective

Training Objective

  • Exercise 3 times per week

You’ll complete your training sessions with the experts at True Athlete Performance.

TrueAP Sessions offered:

Hagerstown Sports Club and Fitness 
(20321 The Gardens, Hagerstown)

  • Mondays & Wednesdays (5:30-6:30am)
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays (7:30-8:30pm)
  • Saturdays (6:30-7:30am)

The TrueAP Adult program uses a wide range of functional movements to help you…

  • Reduce the potential for injury
  • Increase mobility, strength, power, and coordination
  • Reduce body fat and increase lean muscle

Nutrition Objective

  • Consume 2 “balanced meals” and 2 “protein spikes” every day

Your goal is to consume two “balanced meals” per day that must include “lean protein” + “vegetable” + “healthy fat” + “water” and eat two additional “protein spikes” per day.

You will be aloud one weekly #ScrewItMeal on Fridays (or whatever day of the week works best for you) without losing your daily “nutrition” and “detox” points. This one additional meal is all the calorie surplus you need to shift to more of a muscle-building mode without appreciable fat gain.

The reason most diets aren’t sustainable is they are too focused on short-term results instead of long-term compliance. I can’t stress enough the importance of incorporating daily or weekly flexibility from the start, even if it slows results in the beginning. This is the only way you can learn how to make this a lifestyle and not feel overly deprived where you crack and binge-eat. This plan is also meant to foster a healthy relationship with food so you can eat the foods you love at the right times and in the right amounts and still achieve your fitness goals.

This simple approach is easy to track and highly effective. You’ll be surprised at the immediate improvements you’ll notice in your energy levels and sleep patterns.

Detox Objective

  • Avoid nutritional toxins

Your goal is to avoid sugar, gluten, and alcohol during this challenge. Our generation is diseased, dying, and obese at a rate in some cases 10x higher than generations before. The main difference is the amount of junk in our diets that contain the Vile 4 (Gluten, Sugar, Additives, and Preservatives).

By avoiding these toxins, you’ll help rid your body of waste and prepare your body to better absorb nutrients providing the jump-start you’ll need to help you reach your goals!


Lifestyle Objective

  • Choose 1 healthy habit and complete it every day

You’ll focus on building healthy habits. Create your own or choose from the examples below:

  • Read for 15 mins
  • Turn off screens by 9pm
  • No social media
  • Meditate for 5 mins
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal
  • Choose your own!

Social Media Objective

  • Post 3x per week

You need support in this process. Inform your family and friends about the changes you are making. Options include:

Facebook “check-in” to “Hagerstown Sports Club and Fitness” and include #TrueAPChallenge
twitter Tag @trueap and include #TrueAPChallenge
instagram Tag @trueap and include #TrueAPChallenge