How Can You Improve Vertical Jump?

Vertical jump is a measure of total body power.  For those in the performance industry it is the physical test that correlates most significantly with an athlete’s actual on court/field performance.

Give me an athlete that has a good vertical jump, and most likely that athlete will have a quick first step, a strong core, and good linear speed.  In our True Athlete Rating (see definition of TrueAP Rating Below), vertical jump is the most prominent of the four tests we conduct.

Of course we know vertical jump is an essential component of such sports as football, basketball and volleyball where jumping plays an integral part in every play or point.  I think few would argue this, but at True Athlete Performance, we feel it is a key component of EVERY court and field sport we train.

Although athletes in baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, and hockey seldom need to jump vertically during competition, training these athletes to improve their vertical jump will improve their overall body power and explosiveness.

To improve your vertical you will need to focus on these 3 key components:

1.       Land Correctly: By concentrating on the landing we emphasize the muscles that help to decelerate in any jump (Glutes and Hamstrings).  This will not only help to ensure injury prevention, but will also help to emphasize deceleration before an explosive movement upon landing.

2.       Use your Arms: The arms can I be as much as 25% of the vertical jump.  With the emphasis on a quick back movement of the arms (as the hip drops before exploding up) and then an explosive up movement (to help propel the body up), we will improve each vertical jump.  NOTE: Watch a collegiate or pro volleyball match.  Watch their hitting approach jump.  These athletes utilize their arms the best of any other athlete.

3.       Strong Core: If an athlete maintains a strong core, they will be able to focus on the muscles to explode the body up.  As an athlete prepares to jump, they need to keep their head up, chest up and keep a strong core.  This will ensure an efficient, explosive jump each time.

If an athlete can focus on these three key components, they will learn to have a very powerful vertical jump.

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