Welcome to our blog!  So who, what, and where is True Fitness Training

True Fitness Training is a premiere fitness training company that offers a special opportunity for ALL in the Chantilly, VA area.  What makes us premiere?  Our staff and our product.  All of our staff have received a bachelors of science in an exercise related field along with personal training certifications through nationally accredited programs.

Most importantly though, we know how to motivate and help you get the results you want! As far as our product goes, you can’t find anything better.  We have put in countless hours reading research in all areas of fitness, and we continue to educate ourselves, all so you get the results you want as quickly and safely as possible!

How you get fit is really up to you.  We currently offer personal training, small group training, boot camps, fitness assessments, and even corporate wellness programs.  Have something else you want?  We are always looking to expand our services.

We know that once you experience what we have to offer that you will understand that we are the “go-to” fitness experts in Northern VA.  

To prove it, we want you to come in and try one of our programs with no cost to you.  Yes, you are reading it right, 1-FREE session to prove that we are the best fitness company for you!

To set-up your FREE session all you need to do is simply contact us , mention this blog post, and let us know when you would like to come in.  It is YOUR time to get fit and in the best shape of your life, and  True Fitness Training is ready to show you how!

Train hard, train smart, train TRUE!